One-on-One Coaching

I know how difficult it can be to achieve the results you want. Whether you want to lose some weight or just tone up, no woman's situation is the same. You may have more or less time than the next woman or lead a certain lifestyle that makes it harder for you to follow and succeed on generic workout programs.

Whatever your goal may be, if you are ready to work towards your goals, then click below to get a fully customized program that fits seamlessly into your specific lifestyle while still helping you meet all your goals.

“My revenge body is coming along so well. I’m so happy! “

– Natasha, 24

Natasha, 24

“This journey has been tough but incredible. DesRay has really been so supportive to me and she’s the only way I’ve managed to get this far. I’m so thankful.”

– Sara, 22

Sara, 22

“I can’t believe that it’s only taken me 30 days to see these results!”

– Mary, 25

Mary, 25

” I am always so shocked by the number I see on the scale. It’s amazing! “

– Jacky, 45


“This is the first time I see my body look this good and I’m so proud of myself.”

– Jasmine, 34

Jasmine, 34

“To think that I not only lost weight but I’ve learned so much from Des that I’ve been able to start making the healthy decisions that are still helping me lose more weight.”

– Pam, 21

Pam, 21

“I never thought I’d be able to look in the mirror and be so happy with the way that I looked. After years of beating myself up, I can now attest to how hard I can push myself and win!”

– Jess, 33

Jess, 33

“I have never looked this good in my life. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and can’t wait to improve some more!”

– Molly, 28

Molly, 28