Guide to Effective Goal-Setting

DesRay guide to goal-setting

With the new year comes resolutions. But once the revel and excitement ends, so do all those resolutions. So instead of making resolutions, aim to set attainable goals for yourself that you can actually achieve.

As you go into 2018, it’s important to set clear fitness goals for what you want to achieve. Use this guide to help you set your goals for 2018:

  • Define what you want
    Don’t just say, “I want to lose weight” or “I want more muscle mass.” Be specific about exactly what you want to achieve


  • Make your goals M.A.T.
    Measureable: Whether that means weighing yourself, testing your body fat, or doing some kind of assessment/evaluation. Keep a journal as a record of everything you’re doing to achieve your goal (e.g. workouts, diet, goals). It may sound tedious or difficult, but the path to success should be both fun and challenging at times, and you need a way to measure that success as you achieve it.

    Achievable: Set realistic goals for yourself. You can’t expect to lose 50kgs in one month – not in any healthy way, that is. Nothing worth having ever comes easily. That might mean that it might take longer to lose that weight or get leaner, but as long as you are making healthy choices, then you’ll see the changes come.

    Timed: Goals are dreams with a deadline. Set a specific and realistic time to hit them.


  • Acknowledge the hurdles
    We all have them. Think of the last 3 excuses you had for not working out (e.g. too tired, not enough time in the day, too sore).
    Answer these questions:
    1. What are your weaknesses?
    2. Why have you not already achieved the goal you seek?
    3. What are the personal, professional, and circumstantial barriers that have gotten in the way?
    4. How can your time management be more effective?
    Your goals in fitness will come true only if you work on addressing these issues first. The more paper you used to answer these questions the harder it is going to be to achieve success.


  • Make your goal public
    Not only will this hold you accountable, it’ll also help you find out who really does want you to succeed. People who want to see you successful will be encouraging and optimistic. The doubters will fill you with negative energy (“You’ll never look like that.”) Once you identify them, try your best to avoid them, at least until you have your new body and you can rub it in their faces 😉

If you take the time to answer these questions and stay true to these tips, you will start to see success on your fitness journey and maybe in the other aspects of your life as well.

2018 fitness goals

Happy 2018, #fitfam!!


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