December 2017 Workout Calendar

December workout calendar

Hey, beautiful!

Can you believe that 2018 is just around the corner?? It’s literally just 30 days away!

2017 was really an interesting year. I took on few new ventures and had my share of failures and successes. Most importantly, I learnt a lot about myself and while I’d love to believe the opposite, I’m actually not Superwoman. Much as I’d like to, I cannot do it all myself. Effective delegation is a skill that I really need to hone going forward. And now looking down the barrel of 2018, I’m even more excited about the new possibilities that it brings.

It’s really important to view the month of December as your final chance to prioritize yourself and review your goals for the year. Where have you had your biggest successes? What were your greatest weaknesses? What changes do you need to make going forward? How many of your goals did you manage to CRUSH this year???

So while you should definitely enjoy all the parties and get-togethers throughout this season, it’s crucial that you don’t put the things that matter on the back-burner and get into a scramble when the 1st of January rolls around. Review where you currently stand and start working on those 2018 goals now!

Let’s finish the year off with a bang! I’ve created a fantastic workout calendar for you for the month filled with daily exercises that target your arms, abs and legs – because why not bring in the new year with a killer body?? Perform each of the exercises one after the other for the allotted number of repetitions with as little rest as possible. These workouts can take up to 10 minutes to complete per day.

Do you really not have 10 minutes a day to work on yourself this month???

Download linked PDF | Download hi-res image

Thank you so much for supporting me throughout the year! Have a fantastic festive season!


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