Why Exercising Outside May Just Be The Change You Need

Outdoor workout

Exercising outside

I’ve recently taken my workouts outdoors.

I did this for a number of reasons. I first began working outside in order to take videos for my clients as most of them don’t have gym memberships or are too shy to walk into the judgement-filled cesspool that the gym can sometimes become. However, I’ve actually enjoyed the change myself.

There’s a versatility that comes with having to create an entire workout with only limited resources. It’s amazing how you can get a full body workout using just one kettlebell. Or how a set of dumbbells can create an incredible glute workout. Mostly I’ve been enjoying the constant change of scenery – from parks to mountainsides or even sport fields. All you need is shade, some equipment and sunscreen to stay on the safe side.

Besides the ever-changing environment, exercising outdoors is a great way to save money. It’s no secret that gym memberships can be quite expensive. Cutting your monthly costs doesn’t need to negatively affect your health goals. Just switch to road running instead of the treadmill and you can actually enjoy better benefits.

The lack of machines outside also encourages a lot of bodyweight exercises. A lot of these exercises are known to initiate a larger number of muscles simultaneously than machines. It’s also much easier to adjust bodyweight exercises to fit your fitness level than machine exercises. If you would like to continue with weight training then it’s also not a bad idea to invest in some gym equipment (free weights) and always have the ability to take your workout with you anywhere. Free weights, like bodyweight exercises, allow the supporting muscles to aid in the motion unlike the assistance that the machines can often provide. This can help to target a lot more muscles in the process.

But exercising outdoors also requires a certain amount of discipline. It’s much easier to get to a park and just lie on the grass for hours than it is to do the same thing in a gym while being starred down by gym fanatics and exercise machines.

The most important thing is to make sure that you are getting your workout in – whether at a gym, in your bedroom or outside. Make the most of what you have and Have Fun!


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