September 2017 Workout Calendar

Hey, beautiful!

It’s finally Spring! Considering how hot it’s already starting to get, it actually feels like Summer! But unlike the weather in South Africa, let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Spring is a time for flowers to blossom, trees to fill up with the most vibrant greenery and if you are as unlucky as me, puffy eyes and endless sneezes as the hay fever also sets in. Understandably, I prefer watching the world bloom from behind closed doors. But besides my inherent love-hate relationship with Spring, it is definitely a time for a fresh new start.

How better to start afresh than to bloom yourself!?

That’s why this month is all about Self-Love. Each day this month will be aimed towards motivating yourself and spreading some love to be a better, more focused version of yourself. Add in that a kick-ass 5-day workout week and by the end of the month, you’ll not only be feeling better on the inside, but looking amazing on the outside as well. It’s all about feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ALIVE!


Here’s the September 2017 Workout Calendar:

Make sure you download the linked pdf with the workouts:

September workout calendar


And while we celebrate new beginnings, I have been working on a lot of projects that I can’t wait to share with you and have tons of amazing content headed your way so keep a look out for that!

Like Spring, make sure you weed out the bad and make room for something beautiful in your life!


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