When does size actually matter?

Strong fitness model

Fitness model

Girl looking down

Lemme give you a second to grab your mind out of that gutter there, girl…

I am actually speaking about weights – how heavy you should be going at the gym.

Now, I understand that the thought of the weight room is still a cause for anxiety in some girls. And there are still a few who believe that they don’t even need to lift. I understand and respect that each person has their own unique reason for even getting up and working out and I get that often we all want different things out of the experience. But if you are looking to get a little definition in your arms, but are devoting hours of your gym time only on the treadmill walking at a leisurely pace, then Girl, we need to have a chat…

There are a number of benefits to letting go of all that anxiety and hitting the weight room. These include:

  • burning way more fat than using the treadmill on its own
  • strengthening your bones and
  • giving you a healthier heart.

If your reason for staying on that treadmill is to increase your endurance, then you can stop reading right here. Go on and get your life on that run!
For the rest of you, the answer for the aforementioned question is really very simple:

The size of the weight you use is dependent on your fitness goal.

Fitness goals change constantly and often differ for various parts of the body. I have clients who want to tone their arms, but build bigger thighs. Understanding your current and future goals will help you use the blueprint I am about to give you easily.

As I mentioned, I choose my weight according to what physical change I want to get from that workout. The trick is to pick a weight that you can lift/pull/push for a specific amount of repetitions (i.e. reps), making sure that your last 2 repetitions are somewhat difficult (Don’t make it too easy. We are here to work!).


15 – 20 reps | Toning
12 – 15 reps  | Getting lean
8 – 12 reps   | Building muscle
3 – 6 reps     | Building strength

This means that if I want to build more muscle on my back, I will focus on picking a barbell, machine or dumbbell weight where I can perform between 8 and 12 repetitions of that exercise during each set/round.
For instance, the tyre in the images above was way too big for me to do anything more than 3 flips, but that’s why I chose it – I am looking to get stronger at the moment.

This blueprint is mainly a guide to all my ladies out there who are really unsure about how to tackle the dreaded weights. Or even for the girls who have been hitting the weight room hard, but are finding that their bodies are not responding how they wanted. Feel free to mix things up for yourself to target your own specific “problem” areas.

Remember: not to scare you off or anything, but this is merely the foundation of our time at the gym. There are still supersets and dropsets and all these other tips that will help you hit your goals. But don’t fret. I’m here to help you through it all so if you have a question you desperately need answered, then drop me a line.

How are you finding the weight room? Let me know in the comments.

Till next time, beautiful!


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