FitQueens Unite!

To the woman taking charge of her life.
The woman with her eyes set firmly on her goals.
The woman looking to grow her confidence and embrace her power.

It's time to Reign.

Time to put all the excuses behind and work hard for what you want for yourself.
It's time to




My 3 Favourite Salad Jar Variations

Let me be honest, I have never been a fan of salads. One thing I’ve learned though, is that sometimes […]

2018 Calendar & Fitness Planner

It’s 2018!!! Can you feel it in the air? It smells fresher somehow… We are finally done with the difficult […]

DesRay guide to goal-setting

Guide to Effective Goal-Setting

With the new year comes resolutions. But once the revel and excitement ends, so do all those resolutions. So instead of […]

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